Shooting Chairs

September 19, 2016

Welcome to my latest experiment. It’s the one I’ve been waiting for all my life. What? He’s fine, and he’s completely unaware that anything happened. As far as he’s concerned the trip was instantaneous. That’s why Einstein’s watch is exactly one minute behind mine. He skipped over that minute to instantly arrive at this moment in time. Come here, I’ll show you how it works. First, you turn the time circuits on. This readout tell you where you’re going, this one tells you where you are, this one tells you where you were. You imput the destination time on this keypad. Say, you wanna see the signing of the declaration of independence, or witness the birth or Christ. Here’s a red-letter date in the history of science, November 5, 1955. Yes, of course, November 5, 1955. Ahh. They’re late. My experiment worked. They’re all exactly twenty-five minutes slow.

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